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Kosovo General Accreditation Directorate (DAK) is a national body that approves and harmonizes standards, and as such, strongly engorges economic development, creating those the base for regional competiveness and beyond. By economic evolution, and has been increased demand for standards, based to this fact also has been shown the need for drafting of a new standardization law. In order to meet demands of those days, DAK have tailored the Standardization Law 06/L-019, which is compatible with EU laws.


Kosovo General Accreditation Directorate (DAK) is the National Accreditation Body, recognized by law. General Accreditation Directorate functions according to the Law No. 05/L-117 adopted in the Assembly of Kosovo on 20.12.2016 and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Kosovo, No. 2/12 January 2017.


The purpose of accreditation is to ensure that certification, inspection and testing is done with high quality and safety for life, health and environment. This accreditation means inspections so the work is impartial, accurate and based on internationally recognized standards.


International Accreditation Forum meeting in the beginning of year 2020