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The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and the twinning project funded by the European Union “Assistance for implementing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement - The EU Services Directive 2006/123/EC" have officially organized the project launch event, on January 25, 2021 virtually by respecting current anti-covid measures.


This event was honoured by the presence of the Ambassadors of Croatia and Germany in Kosovo, the Special Representative of the European Union Office in Kosovo, representatives of the twinning project from both member states, the Substitute Secretary General of MTI, Department of Trade and MTI Legal Department.


The purpose of this event was to inform institutions, the business community and associations, as well as other stakeholders, including the general public about the project goals and expected results which will be implemented during the next two years.


Recently, Kosovo has made progress in the field of digitalization of trade in services, where the database "Contact Point for Services" has been created, which enables easier access for all stakeholders to the legal framework governing the activities of services in Kosovo, thus helping to operate those already present in the market, as well as those who want to start providing services in Kosovo.


At the meeting, it has been emphasized that the bilateral cooperation in the twinning project "Assistance for Implementing Stabilization and Association Agreement – the EU Services Directive 2006/123/EC" could further have a positive impact on the development of the service sector reform in Kosovo.


During the meeting, it was also stated that by having a full approximation of local legislation with the Services Directive, can be removed many types of administrative and regulatory barriers for the freedom to provide services, as well sectorial regulations will be harmonized with the Services Directive, which encourages simplification and digitalization of administrative procedures and licensing process for specific activities in the service sector as well as the provision of all information in one place.


It was also emphasized the fact that during next two years, the EU-funded project will support the Government of Kosovo to further develop its institutional capacities, in order to create basis for a sustainable environment for private sector development in line with EU legal heritage and SAA requirements.


The overall goal of this project, which will be implemented by a consortium of relevant partner institutions from Croatia and Germany and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, is to further support Kosovo's integration into the world economy and strengthen the role of the Kosovo administration in economic governance through effective regulatory functions in accordance with the obligations of the Stabilization and Association Agreement.


The twinning project will further support the development of Kosovo's economy by reducing administrative burdens, establishing a clearer legal framework and by providing easier access to information on service sector regulations through the Point of Single Contact.


Moreover, the mentioned results of the twinning project will have positive effects on easier access to the market for businesses by increasing the competitiveness of entrepreneurs through market dynamism, even by increasing innovation and by offering to the consumers more opportunities and choices.