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About Us

Kosovo General Accreditation Directorate (DAK) is the National Accreditation Body of Kosovo, which conform to the international standards assess technical competences of conformity assessment bodies that develops activities such as: testing, calibration, certification and inspection whether in public or private sector in regard to voluntary or mandatory standards.


Our Mission

Kosovo General Accreditation Directorate (DAK) mission’s is to provide to all interested parties, the accreditation activity based on rules defined by the laws, standards and accreditation principles. Also our mission is to provide accreditation services in the field of conformity assessment at the country level; raise awareness for accreditation in society; and, take an active role in setting the rules on quality infrastructure.


Our Vision

Kosovo Accreditation Directorate (DAK) vision’s is to add value to our products and services for a safer life for our citizens.


Our Objectives

Consumer protection from the risk of daily consumption of non-standardized products and uncontrolled growth of competition in local and regional market, alignment of our practices of quality infrastructure with those of foreign counterparts of the EU, reduction of technical barriers to trade.


The exchange of goods and services is a common objective for the single European market and for global trade. With the movement of goods and the provision of services being liberalized to a far-reaching extent, concomitant measures are required to ensure the quality of the goods being brought to market and of the services being provided. A recognized system of testing, calibration and certification (conformity assessments) offers reassurance that the products being marketed and the services being provided comply with the harmonization requirements of the European Community.