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What is Standard?

A standard is a document prepared with consensus and adopted by a recognized body, that provides, for common and repeated use, rules, guidelines or characteristics for certain activities or their results, aimed at the achievement of the optimum degree of order in a given context; the standard is a document with voluntary application, and it consists of technical specifications based on the results from experience and technical development. Standards are the result of consensus established between all parties that are interested and involved in the relevant activity. They also must be recognized by the recognizable standardization body.


Scope of Services

The scope of accreditation shows the activities for which the body in question has requested accreditation and in which the body has been deemed to be competent, following an assessment. The scope of accreditation defines which services can be offered as accredited. It also includes the fields of accreditation as well as the testing methods, types of inspections and certification categories in which the body is found competent.


As a rule, scopes of accreditation are fixed scopes described in detail. An accredited body may also have a flexible scope, where the scope is presented at a more general level. Predominantly, the flexible scope has been developed to meet the needs of bodies that work in research and/or development, for situations where the properties of an object to be tested, calibrated, inspected or certified cannot always be predicted in advance. A fixed scope might also contain flexibility.


Currently DAK provides services of accreditation and surveillance processes cover:


  • - Testing laboratories
  • - Calibration laboratories
  • - Medical laboratories
  • - Inspection bodies
  • - Product certification bodies
  • - Management systems certification bodies
  • - Persons certification bodies
  • - EMAS verifiers
  • - GHG verifiers
  • - Profficiency testing organizers


Having in mind responsibility for the level of accreditation and taking care of providing credibility, DAK tries to respond to Clients’ demand offering accreditation conducted in a competent manner and in conformity with internationally recognized standards.